18 January, 2011

First Post

Ok my first blog post, should be about me right? No, you can read about me on my web site http://www.adesam.se/robert/.

Instead let's talk about what I am presumably going to write about. I think it's going to be about computers, technology in general and Emacs in particular. Maybe I will find time to post notes about GTD etc as well...

Emacs -- what is it and why do I use it? It's a way of life... or as stated in Wikipedia, it's a text editor that is higly extensible and customisable. If you know a little bit of LISP one can very quickly tweak Emacs to do what you want. I use Emacs for writing papers, programming, reading/writing emails, and organising my life. Now days I am quite comfortable with Emacs, but over the years I have tried to exchange Emacs for other tools like Eclipse, Thunderbird, Mail.app, etc but I have given up. Emacs is for me, and it works basically the same way on all systems I use: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Solaris...

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