18 January, 2011

Emacsclient Setup on Windows 7 Starter

Problem -- not starting a new instance of Emacs but reusing an Emacs already running when opening a file with a file type associated with Emacs in Windows Explorer on my netbook @home running Windows 7 Starter. I also wanted the icons of the associated file types to have the Emacs icon.

My quick fix to this was to
  • write a bat file, runemacsclientw.bat much like the example on the EmacsWiki to start emacsclientw.exe,
  • convert the bat file to exe with a simple converter,
    • choosed the above bat file as batch file,
    • checked Invisible application (don't know if this matters...),
    • under the Versioninformation tab picked an Emacs icon file from under the etc/icons path,
    • compiled, and exited,
  • fix read/execute permissions for the users group on the new exe file, runemacsclientw.exe, placed in the emacs bin directory
  • associate file types to be opened by Emacs with runemacsclientw.exe, and
  • add (server-start) to the Emacs init file, .emacs
Done, now I pinned a link to runemacsclientw.exe on the taskbar and defined an alias, emacs, for runemacsclientw.exe in my .bashrc. I run cygwin/bash on my Windows boxes.


  1. Why not just use emacsclientw.exe directly? What does the .bat file add?

    1. Using emacsclientw.exe directly does indeed solve his stated problem. On the other hand, a bat file adds something: passing some arguments automatically. The linked batch file for example adds --no-wait and --alternate-editor which you would want to pass to emacsclient most of the times. This is why also on Linux desktops, many users resort to a bash script or a desktop file that in turn calls emacsclient.

  2. No Use, it just start a new emacs process not client with two window frames.
    If you use emacsclientw.exe it will be:
    Emacsclient ERROR
    No socket or alternate editor...

    1. This fixed it in my case (HOME not correctly defined before emacsclientw gets executed):

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